April 2015

“A Case of Clean Corruption”

A CLEAN CASE OF CORRUPTION© Ty Ross was, in his day, one of the company's most notorious criminals. […]

“Ghost Riders”

GHOST RIDERS© "Sanford Cooper,” Sanford responded automatically as he answered his phone. "Mr. Cooper, this is Marty Howell, […]

“Quick Change–Part 2”

QUICK CHANGE© (Cont'd) A moment later he observed Moriah, a trusted, eleven-year employee, enter the vending area. She […]

“Quick Change–Part 1”

THIEVES AND EMBEZZLERS© Petty? Sometimes. Blatant? Rarely. Ruthless? Occasionally. The most clever corporate criminals share the common characteristics […]

“Her Cup Runneth Over”

HER CUP RUNNETH OVER© After nearly thirty years in this business, I thought I had seen and heard […]