July 2015

“The Handwriting is on the Wall–Part 2”

THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL© (Cont'd) Within a few minutes Brian Rath, the Corporate Security officer, […]

“The Handwriting is on the Wall–Part 1”

NEUROTICS AND NUTCASES© Strange rangers can roam the floors of any company.  Their weirdness may offer co-workers an […]


OVEREXPOSED© Alexandra had run an errand outside the building. On her way back to her office, she was […]

“Supplemental Pay”

SUPPLEMENTAL PAY© Sherilyn walked into Walter's office with a bright and sunny smile. "Hi, Walt, how're ya doin'?" […]

“Throwing Your Brains Out with the Trash”

THROWING YOUR BRAINS OUT WITH THE TRASH© Forrest McHugh was beaming. Employees filed into the auditorium, greeting each […]