October 2015

“A Blatant Bluff”

A BLATANT BLUFF© Joe Matson walked into the conference room.  The good old boys were all seated around […]

“Radiating Fear”

MASTERS OF INVENTION© This rare breed of workplace wizards has the uncanny ability to immobilize a problem and […]

“Twin Fatalities–Part 2”

TWIN FATALITIES© (Cont'd) Charles handed Lila a box of tissues and asked, "Can you tell us how they […]

“Twin Fatalities–Part 1”

 TWIN FATALITIES© "Lila, could you come to my office in a few minutes?  I need to discuss a […]

“Where There’s Sin, There’s Suffering–Part 2”

WHERE THERE'S SIN THERE'S SUFFERING (Cont'd) "What now?"  Dan responded through clenched teeth as he grew more and […]