December 2015

“An Elaborate Extortion–Part 2”

AN ELLABORATE EXTORTION© (Cont'd) "Excellent approach," Agent Tanner agreed.  "I'll send over two of our best agents to […]

Battling Extortion

“An Elaborate Extortion–Part 1”

AN ELABORATE EXTORTION© Sara Blaisdel was one of the brightest, most respected human resources professionals in the country.  […]

“Flagrant Fellatio: Bullying in the Workplace”

FLAGRANT FELLATIO© "Barbara, there are two gentlemen from the third-shift loading operation here to see you," Nita said.  […]

“A Deadly Deal–Part 2”

A DEADLY DEAL© (Cont'd) Then he threatened me that he'd tell everyone at work what I was up […]

“A Deadly Deal–Part 1”

 ROGUES AND DESPERADOS© A subculture of scoundrels may flourish for years without a company's knowledge.  They strike deals, […]