Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 2

Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 2 "I did what you told me to.  I told him that today was his final […]

Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 1

Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 1 Valerie fanned the phone messages in her hand, studying them with the intent of a […]

Black Magic–Part 2

Black Magic–Part 2 He asked Lupe to relieve Amy of her hand-holding duty so Amy could return to […]

Black Magic–Part 1

Black Magic–Part 1 Conchita fled from the processing center as though pursued by the devil himself.  Screaming and […]

The Graveyard Shift–Part 1

The Graveyard Shift Eleanor Swasey's role as night administrator for Metro Hospital was never dull.  The job was […]

The Graveyard Shift–Part 2

The Graveyard Shift Part 2 "Hi, Mrs. Swasey.  Didn't mean to scare you," the body said. "It's me–Fletcher." […]