Dead Drunk–Part 2

Dead Drunk–Part 2 Panel: Unfortunately, Nick and Derrick's supervisor were a day late and a dollar short with […]

A Rogue’s Ranking

A Rogue's Ranking "Yes, sir, I'll schedule that with our driver for a Tuesday delivery," Fran said to […]

“A Problem of Epidemic Proportion”

A PROBLEM OF EPIDEMIC PROPORTION© Bertha worked for a large computer software design corporation.  Her job involved performing […]

“The Glitch that Lost Krista–Part 2”

THE GLITCH THAT LOST KRISTA© (Cont'd) Chas usually worked through his lunch, grabbing some junk food from the […]

“The Glitch that Lost Krista–Part 1”

THE GLITCH THAT LOST KRISTA© Chas was quite pleased. He was instrumental in redesigning the organization and implementing […]

Walking My Talk: Providing Positive Feedback

For the past two years I’ve served as president of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA).  Yesterday […]