The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1

The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1 "Honey, who just pulled up in the driveway?" Marianne asked her husband, Chuck, as […]

Dead Drunk–Part 2

Dead Drunk–Part 2 Panel: Unfortunately, Nick and Derrick's supervisor were a day late and a dollar short with […]

Dead Drunk–Part 1

Dead Drunk "Human resources, Nick Richards," Nick responded when he answered his phone at 7:30 on Monday morning. […]

Split Personality–Part 2

Split Personality–Part 2 "You two have exactly the same name?" Quinn asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yes.  Caldonia often […]

Relief or Grief–Part 2

Relief or Grief (cont.d) Obviously, your choice is a difficult one and one that is causing you pain.  […]

Relief or Grief–Part 1

Relief or Grief Victoria Morrow, the benefits manager, was scheduled to meet with Minnie McManus, one of the […]