Emergency Protocols

Holding the Bag–Part 2

Holding the Bag–Part 2 Eve carefully removed the plastic bag from the seat rim.  Although the bag had […]

Washing Away the Evidence–Part 2

Washing Away the Evidence–Part 2 Morris arrived at work the next day as usual.  Chloe and her boss […]

Washing Away the Evidence–Part 1

Washing Away the Evidence "Mom, the phone's for you," Chloe's daughter yelled out the back door. "Find out […]

“An Elaborate Extortion–Part 3”

AN ELABORATE EXTORTION© (Cont'd) "Can you tell me what this is about?" Norman asked. "Sorry, Norm, I can't.  […]

“Twin Fatalities–Part 2”

TWIN FATALITIES© (Cont'd) Charles handed Lila a box of tissues and asked, "Can you tell us how they […]

“Twin Fatalities–Part 1”

 TWIN FATALITIES© "Lila, could you come to my office in a few minutes?  I need to discuss a […]