Employee Criminal Prosecution

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 1

Larceny or Lunacy Doug Markham thumbed through the sales printouts with the skill of a weaver.  "Territory 6 […]

Washing Away the Evidence–Part 1

Washing Away the Evidence "Mom, the phone's for you," Chloe's daughter yelled out the back door. "Find out […]

“An Elaborate Extortion–Part 3”

AN ELABORATE EXTORTION© (Cont'd) "Can you tell me what this is about?" Norman asked. "Sorry, Norm, I can't.  […]

“A Deadly Deal–Part 2”

A DEADLY DEAL© (Cont'd) Then he threatened me that he'd tell everyone at work what I was up […]

“A Deadly Deal–Part 1”

 ROGUES AND DESPERADOS© A subculture of scoundrels may flourish for years without a company's knowledge.  They strike deals, […]

“Mining for Gold–Part 2”

MINING FOR GOLD© (Cont'd) When Abe received the note on Monday morning, he exploded, "What the hell is this […]