Employee Theft

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 2

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 2 When he looked inside, he saw about a four-months' supply of undelivered customer samples […]

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 1

Larceny or Lunacy Doug Markham thumbed through the sales printouts with the skill of a weaver.  "Territory 6 […]

“Mining for Gold–Part 2”

MINING FOR GOLD© (Cont'd) When Abe received the note on Monday morning, he exploded, "What the hell is this […]

“Where There’s Sin, There’s Suffering–Part 1”

TRAGIC SOULS© It's nearly impossible to predict a person's response to excessive stress or terrifying fear.  Even the […]

“Hoodwinked–Part 2”

HOODWINKED© (Con't) "What about at work, Rod?" "At work, hmmmm . . . .  He always borrows money […]

“Hoodwinked–Part 1”

HOODWINKED©  Mattie came in at 6:30 one morning to review salary actions for merits and promotions.  She was […]