Heath & Safety Violations

The Graveyard Shift–Part 1

The Graveyard Shift Eleanor Swasey's role as night administrator for Metro Hospital was never dull.  The job was […]

The Graveyard Shift–Part 2

The Graveyard Shift Part 2 "Hi, Mrs. Swasey.  Didn't mean to scare you," the body said. "It's me–Fletcher." […]

Men in a Tussle

A Tussle Over Tinkle–Part 1

A Tussle Over Tinkle–Part 1 Dana flew out of her office in a rage.  "Just what is this […]

A Bellow from the Bowels: Workplace Stress

A Bellow from the Bowels:  Workplace Stress© One of Corrine's rituals was to review The Wall Street Journal […]

A Real Schlemiel–Part 2

A Real Schlemiel–Part 2 Vance was flabbergasted.  "Look, I like Towner too, but we have a business to […]

“Mining for Gold–Part 2”

MINING FOR GOLD© (Cont'd) When Abe received the note on Monday morning, he exploded, "What the hell is this […]