Performance Management

Split Personality–Part 2

Split Personality–Part 2 "You two have exactly the same name?" Quinn asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yes.  Caldonia often […]

Split Personality–Part 1

Split Personality–Part 1 "Quinn Forrest, human resources," Quinn responded as he picked up his phone. "Quinn, this is […]

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 1

Larceny or Lunacy Doug Markham thumbed through the sales printouts with the skill of a weaver.  "Territory 6 […]

Strange Bedfellows–Part 3

Strange Bedfellows–Part 3 We also find significant flaws regarding Zack's discussion with Rod.  This conversation needed considerable bolstering […]

Lotions and oils

Shower Power-Part1

Shower Power–Part 1  Angeline's honey-blond hair bounced as she breezed through the revolving door of the downtown Westin […]


Lien on Me

Lien on Me "Max, here's your mail," Trixie said.  "You might want to check out the one marked […]