Lotions and oils

Shower Power–Part 2

Shower Power–Part 2 Doreen immediately contacted Jim's boss,  the vice president of sales, Skip Carrouthers.  She told him […]

Lotions and oils

Shower Power-Part1

Shower Power–Part 1  Angeline's honey-blond hair bounced as she breezed through the revolving door of the downtown Westin […]

The Czar of Harassment–Part 2

The Czar of Harassment–Part 2 Later that afternoon Al spoke with each one of the women separately.  He […]

Czar of Harassment–Part 1

The Czar of Harassment–Part 1 Norbert Dodge breathed a sigh of relief.  The interview was easy.  He expected […]

“Hoodwinked–Part 3”

HOODWINKED© (CONT'D) The next morning, Mattie's secretary informed her that the Chicago School of Journalism was on the […]

“Hoodwinked–Part 2”

HOODWINKED© (Con't) "What about at work, Rod?" "At work, hmmmm . . . .  He always borrows money […]