The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1

The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1 "Honey, who just pulled up in the driveway?" Marianne asked her husband, Chuck, as […]

Strange Bedfellows–Part 3

Strange Bedfellows–Part 3 We also find significant flaws regarding Zack's discussion with Rod.  This conversation needed considerable bolstering […]

Strange Bedfellows–Part 2

Strange Bedfellows–Part 2 "Well, the worst is behind me," Zack thought.  Meeting with Rod would be another kind […]

A Playboy’s Dream–Part 3

A Playboy's Dream–Part 3 Their investigation revealed that each manager was guilty of varying levels of improprieties.  Consequently, […]

Obsessed–Part 2

Obsessed–Part 2 Sarah shook her head and looked confused.  It was clear to James that Alex had left […]

Obsessed–Part 1

Obsessed–Part 1 Yvonne was thrilled when the agency found her a long-term assignment as a temporary employee doing […]