Sex Discrimination

Holding the Bag–Part 2

Holding the Bag–Part 2 Eve carefully removed the plastic bag from the seat rim.  Although the bag had […]

The Mistletoe Incident–Part 2

The Mistletoe Incident–Part 2 The test determined that Chuck never had sexual relations with Darlene.  However, another piece […]

Strange Bedfellows–Part 3

Strange Bedfellows–Part 3 We also find significant flaws regarding Zack's discussion with Rod.  This conversation needed considerable bolstering […]

A Playboy’s Dream–Part 2

A Playboy's Dream–Part 2 The following day she conducted her interviews.   When she questioned the women they all […]

A Playboy’s Dream–Part 1

A Playboy's Dream–Part 1 "We've spent so much time together these past two years, Fred, I feel like […]

Unrequited Love–Part 2

Unrequited Love–Part 2 Howard conducted a thorough investigation by interviewing key individuals.  However, the investigation revealed no direct […]