Supervisory Training

Split Personality–Part 1

Split Personality–Part 1 "Quinn Forrest, human resources," Quinn responded as he picked up his phone. "Quinn, this is […]

Strange Bedfellows–Part 2

Strange Bedfellows–Part 2 "Well, the worst is behind me," Zack thought.  Meeting with Rod would be another kind […]

A Playboy’s Dream–Part 3

A Playboy's Dream–Part 3 Their investigation revealed that each manager was guilty of varying levels of improprieties.  Consequently, […]

Gentlemen Prefer Hanes

Gentlemen Prefer Hanes Dixie fished around in her purse for her keys as she stood in front of […]

A Rogue’s Ranking

A Rogue's Ranking "Yes, sir, I'll schedule that with our driver for a Tuesday delivery," Fran said to […]

Unrequited Love–Part 2

Unrequited Love–Part 2 Howard conducted a thorough investigation by interviewing key individuals.  However, the investigation revealed no direct […]