Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 2

Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 2 "I did what you told me to.  I told him that today was his final […]

Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 1

Schwarzenegger Phobia–Part 1 Valerie fanned the phone messages in her hand, studying them with the intent of a […]

Getting a Line on the Trouble

Getting a Line on the Trouble Sally stopped by Cameron's office and lightly tapped on the door. " […]

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 2

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 2 When he looked inside, he saw about a four-months' supply of undelivered customer samples […]

Larceny or Lunacy–Part 1

Larceny or Lunacy Doug Markham thumbed through the sales printouts with the skill of a weaver.  "Territory 6 […]

Back in the Saddle–Part 2

Back in the Saddle–Part 2 She contacted corporate counsel and began proceedings to deny Dakota's claim  and terminate […]