Threat Assessments

Blood on Her Hands–Part 1

Blood on Her Hands Pierre LeCompte whistled his favorite tune from Phantom of the Opera as he pushed […]

Arrest Warrant

Deadbeat Dad–Part 1

 Deadbeat Dad–Part 1 "Gordon," Maxine said nervously over the intercom, "the Wichita police are here.  They have a […]

“An Elaborate Extortion–Part 2”

AN ELLABORATE EXTORTION© (Cont'd) "Excellent approach," Agent Tanner agreed.  "I'll send over two of our best agents to […]

“A Deadly Deal–Part 1”

 ROGUES AND DESPERADOS© A subculture of scoundrels may flourish for years without a company's knowledge.  They strike deals, […]

“The Handwriting is on the Wall–Part 3”

THE HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL© (Cont'd) Once behind closed doors, Midge exploded.  "Gary, some disgusting slime has […]

“The Handwriting is on the Wall–Part 2”

THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL© (Cont'd) Within a few minutes Brian Rath, the Corporate Security officer, […]