Workers Compensation

Split Personality–Part 2

Split Personality–Part 2 "You two have exactly the same name?" Quinn asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yes.  Caldonia often […]

Split Personality–Part 1

Split Personality–Part 1 "Quinn Forrest, human resources," Quinn responded as he picked up his phone. "Quinn, this is […]

Strange Bedfellows–Part 2

Strange Bedfellows–Part 2 "Well, the worst is behind me," Zack thought.  Meeting with Rod would be another kind […]

Men in a Tussle

A Tussle Over Tinkle–Part 2

A Tussle Over Tinkle–Part 2 They all sat silently for a few moments.  She wanted to make them […]

Open Season–Part 1

Open Season–Part 1 "Hey, want to see my new rifle, Opie?" Harper Johnson, the first shift supervisor, asked […]