Management Coach

mgmt-coach-imgThe Management Coach offers Just in Time Solutions!  Get immediate help when you need it!  In 5 minutes or less you can watch a video and get an answer.  Each one shows you exactly what to do and say when faced with a challenging work situation. These videos help you to improve performance without breaking the bank! To learn more, fill in the form on the right to gain access to a variety of samples.  

How the Management Coach Helps

The Management Coach solves people problems, reduces fear, increases confidence and effectiveness, builds trust, improves productivity, reduces legal exposure, teaches not just what to say but how to say it, when and where you need it!  In about 5 minutes you get immediate answers to your questions so you can confidently carry out role. High quality, training bursts to address an immediate need.

At only $49.95 per employee per year for a subscription to over three dozen videos,  the Management Coach is a video Performance Support Tool that helps managers to resolve employee problems, such as conflict, performance issues, and more. Based on behavioral science and using real life situations, the tool provides behaviors and resolution through on-demand, dramatic video vignettes, each (under 5 minutes in length). Management Coach demonstrates how to solve 85% of the problems you face.  Below is a schematic to show you how it works.  We keep it simple to help you stay productive.




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