The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1

The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1

The Mistletoe Incident–Part 1

"Honey, who just pulled up in the driveway?" Marianne asked her husband, Chuck, as she was clearing away the evening dishes.

"I don't know, I'll check," he said, walking out to the driveway. He didn't recognize the car, but spotted his secretary, Darlene, in the front seat next to a man. Although he thought it was peculiar that she was wearing sunglasses at dusk, Chuck was more surprised to see her sitting in a car parked in his driveway. Chuck walked around to the passenger's side, and Darlene rolled down the window.

"Hi, Darlene, what brings you here at 7:30 on a Sunday evening?"

"Chuck, this is my husband, Alvin. He wanted to meet you," Darlene said. Chuck nodded hello and was still trying to figure out what was going on when Darlene said,

"Chuck, would you mind getting in the back seat? I need to tell you something."

Chuck thought the whole scene was strange. However, Darlene had worked for him for several years and was a good secretary, so he obliged her request. As he got himself comfortable, he said, "Okay, Darlene, what do you need to tell me?"

"Chuck, it's not so much what I need to tell you, it's what I need to tell Alvin. I wanted Alvin to know that you and I have made love in your office at least seven times since I've worked for you. He's suspected it, and I can't live a lie. I just wanted him to know that I love him and that he has nothing to worry about. It was just a fling."

Chuck was dumbfounded. "Are you crazy, Darlene?" he shouted. "Why are you doing this? We have never made love in my office. For God's sake, this is the most insane thing I've ever heard. I'm getting out of here right now."

Alvin never said a word. He just nodded as Darlene told her story and drove calmly off after Chuck jumped out of the car. When Chuck walked in the house, Marianne was waiting. She saw the look of shock across his face. "What wrong, Chuck? Who were those people?" she asked, concerned.

"Sweetheart, sit down. You are not going to believe this," he told Marianne, easing her to the couch while he himself was still shaking. He told her about Darlene's accusations and said that he was going to meet with the president first thing in the morning to get this straightened out. He could not figure out what motive Darlene would have to make such claims, but he was going to get to the bottom of it. As he promised Marianne, Chuck immediately reported the incident to the president.

The president called in the human resources manager, Brad Denver, and explained the situation. "Okay," Brad said, "let's call her in and see if we can figure this out."

Brad and the president met with Darlene. "Darlene, Chuck told us you stopped by his house last night with your husband and then accused Chuck of having sexual relations with you. Is that correct?"

"Yes," Darlene acknowledged.

"Could you tell us just how and when this happened in the office?"

"Well, Chuck has a couch in his office and a lock on the door. We just locked the door during lunch and did it on the couch. Although sometimes we made love on the floor, or in his chair, or on his desk," she said.

"Did Chuck ever force you to have sex or threaten you in any way?"


"Well, then why did you decide to bring your husband over to Chuck's house?" Brad asked.

"I just wanted him to know the truth," she said.

Brad was perplexed. None of this made sense. "Chuck said you were wearing sunglasses last night. Why were you wearing sunglasses at night?"

"I'm more comfortable that way," she commented.

Brad noticed that her make-up was applied rather heavily that day. "Darlene, is that a black eye I see?"

"Yes," she said.

"How did you get that black eye?" "Alvin gave it to me," she replied.

"Before or after you visited Chuck's?"


Brad decided to call Chuck into the president's office. Both Brad and the president left the room so Chuck and Darlene could discuss the incident between themselves. Brad hoped they might be able to find the truth. After about 10 minutes, Brad and the president returned to the office. Chuck faced Darlene and said, "Darlene, are you willing to admit that what you just told the president and human resources manager is not necessarily true?"

"Yes," she acknowledged.

"Do you want to tell them the real reason you came to my home?" Darlene turned to Brad and the president.

"Look, my husband is very jealous. He kept insisting that I was having an affair, which I wasn't. Then he said he was going to find out the truth by beating it out of me. That's when he punched me. Finally, to save myself, I made up a story about Chuck. I was afraid Alvin was going to kill me."

At this stage, Brad and the president weren't sure whom to believe. Then Brad suggested, "Look, we don't know who's telling the truth here, but I think we really need to find out. Chuck, would you be willing to take a lie detector test to clear her initial allegation?"

"Absolutely," Chuck responded.

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