Training Programs



Supervision and Leadership

Clients love our top quality, world-class, award winning management and supervisor/leadership training programs in English and Spanish.  We can deliver these programs for you, or your in-house experienced trainers can conduct the courses themselves.


Sexual Harassment Prevention

H.E.R.O: Harassment Education & Retaliation Overview is a mystery based e-learning course that tells a story and dramatizes how employees go from normal everyday talk to behavior that may cross the line.  It is both California AB 1825 and AB 2053 compliant (abusive conduct).


Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service Series was honored by HRExec’s “Top Ten Products of the Year Award” for its innovative and pragmatic approach to achieving results. Hospitals, government and non-profit agencies embrace it because it emphasizes both internal and external customer service.


Entry Level Basics

This series provides WorkReady™ skill builders to help entry college grads and support staff with little or no work experience become productive, successful employees. Training includes a variety of support basics, such as  professionalism on the job, proofreading,  and number skills.



Win more business by focusing on the customer.  This sales and service program incorporates a variety of interactive training methods to target the skills, behaviors and attitudes that have the greatest influence on understanding the customer and providing solutions.


Employee Financial Wellness

This programs can help give your employees a 35% pay raise without adding a dime to your payroll.  By  offering training in employee financial wellness, your company can not only accomplish this, but can also  contribute thousands of dollars to your bottom line–learn how.


Just-in-Time Video Solutions

Get immediate help when you need it! In 5 minutes or less you can watch a video and get an answer from the Management Coach. Each video shows you exactly what to do and say when faced with a variety of challenging work situations. These videos help you to improve performance without breaking the bank! Learn more by previewing our samples.