Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention

Prevent Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct in the Workplace

The Learning Engine is proud to represent the newest eLearning courses developed by Anderson-Davis and offered by Provision: H.E.R.O: Harassment Education & Retaliation Overview is a mystery based e-learning course that tells a story and dramatizes how employees go from normal everyday talk to behavior that may cross the line. The course follows employees through their workplace over a couple of months to better understand the various ways their behavior negatively impacts others and the harm that bullying, disrespectful behavior, retaliation and harassment can have on their coworkers. For those of you in California, it is  both AB 1825 and AB 2053 compliant.

Join Field Detective Oliver and Research Analyst Felicity, as they uncover information and obtain clues to determine which employee was disciplined and why. Participants are challenged to demonstrate their comprehension of the content presented. The eLearning courses use 20-30 video scenarios that demonstrate resolution skill-building activities and provide participants with the opportunity to practice these skills. They receive in-depth feedback about why one response is more effective and the other responses are less effective in identifying or resolving that harassment/discrimination situation. Course bookmarking allows a user to leave and come back to to the topic where they left off.

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Exclusive Features

  • Anderson-davis, Inc. offers the only eLearning courses written by a subject matter expert
  • with over 40 years of live harassment and discrimination training experience
  • appointed to California's Blue Ribbon Advisory Commission that reviewed and drafted the state's harassment training regulations, and
  • who delivered training to California FEHC commissioners



  • Full-motion video dramatizations illustrating key lessons
  • Episodic scenarios that engage participants through realistic character development
  • Customizable course content through customer-selected modules
  • FAQs that clarify employer's policy
  • Legally defensible in all 50 states*

* Modules added for mandated training


  • Employee resolution skills that prevent hostile work environments
  • Effectively engages and educates reluctant participants
  • Course emulates live training skill-building activities
  • View our free sexual harassment prevention demo today!

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If you like what you see, we will give you full access to review the complete 2 hour program for our office or field supervisor or our shorter versions for states who do not have such stringent requirements. We also have a new higher education version that addresses faculty and student issues.

Web Based Training that Works

  • Assist supervisors in managing a positive and productive workplace
  • Challenge participants’ perceptions of what sexual harassment is and how it occurs
  • Explain the relationship between harassment and discrimination laws, court decisions, and their employer’s policy against harassment
  • Identify the impacts of careless habits and behaviors of harassment in the workplace
  • Clarify and ensure a better understanding of your policy against harassment and complaint process

Available in multiple versions to suit your organization's training needs.

  • Employee 50-minute
  • supervisor 120-minute (California AB 1825 and 2053 compliant)
  • blue collar
  • e-classroom
  • 508 compliant

Participants will learn practical and proven skills to:

  • Recognize sexual harassment, especially when there is no complaint
  • Know when and how to effectively intervene, even when there is no complaint
  • Stop harassment at the moment it occurs and instructs them on how they can report it
  • Appropriately receive a complaint and respond to the complainant’s concerns
  • Recognize and prevent (subtle) retaliation

Proven Results for Organizations Everywhere

After training 120,000 employees over more than 30 years, clients frequently tell us that they witness a marked decrease in hostile work environment situations in the period after training has been completed. What accounts for this? This powerful sexual harassment course helps supervisors effectively intervene and resolve situations when they arise or before they escalate. This is the power that Anderson-davis training leaves with you.


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